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We are based in the beautiful county of Cornwall, where we are surrounded by superb beaches, great country side and fantastic views in every direction so sustainability is very close to our hearts.

We Are Proud To Say -


  • Our packaging is LDPE4 recyclable and is delivered in fully sustainably managed forest cardboard boxes.

  • Our coffee beans are sustainably sourced with fair trade deals for the coffee farmers, this is very important to SWBeans.

  • All of our labels and paper tapes are fully recyclable

  • Our delicious teas are bagged in completely plastic free bags, and fully compostable

  • Our workshops and offices run on low energy LED lighting and where possible we implement a paperless process, with our invoices emailed to our customers. 

  • We have created a comprehensive online portal for machine guides and help with repairs in order to reduce unnecessary mileage from our engineers and vehicles.

  • We are also proud to say that our offices in Liskeard, Cornwall, runs off solar power, to help with further sustainability.

Coffee Roasting

About Our  Roasters -

Our coffee roaster, based right here in the glorious South West, has two roastery spaces which are now fitted with solar panels, providing more than the total amount of energy that they use in a year.


The roasters (one from 1968 and another from 1991) have recently been refurbished to increase efficiency, with new modulating gas burners, improved insulation, and new control panels.


They have also changed their production schedule to ensure that no energy is wasted waiting for temperature changes in roasters, and reducing gas usage by up to 60%.

They have also joined with the 2030 Carbon Pledge, and are currently in the process of applying for ISO 14001 and B-Corp Certification. They were also featured as a showcase study during COP26, where James, (the Owner of the roasters), was personally invited on to a panel to talk about all of their successes in carbon reduction over the last few years - this includes both roastery spaces now being fully solar-powered and our fleet of seven electric vehicles. They also sell back any unused energy to the grid for use across the country. 

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