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We love sharing our latest news and events with our customers. Check this page often for updates on where we will be and what we are up to. Whether we are introducing a new product or participating in a local event, we want you to be part of the fun. Stay tuned for exciting news from SWBeans!

SWBeans Welcome the
baaad Flockers
To Our Heard

Baaad Flockers, Mooody & Total Bull, They Make You and Others Smile On A Bad Day!

baaad Flockers,

Heard not Hearded

We maybe a new brand however, Cookie has been creating best selling designs since 1995! You maybe like many others having with a small collection of early Weirdfish t-shirts in the bottom of your wardrobe.

We are based  in a studio in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside; this is where all the fun antics take place!

Flockers designs have been in Cookie's mind for many years and some sketches from 30 years ago which he was going to make into postcards are now bringing great amusement on t-shirt designs.

Mooody is another great brand developing and let's not forget the little flockers range!

We look forward to connecting with you at shows and social media

From initial thought all the way through to printing is completed in our studio! Cookie mixes the colours to his design specification and oversees every stage.

And now, with the new line of Flocker rum we have decided to work alongside SWBeans to offer our customers a choice of great grumpy coffee and Mooody hot chocolate.

And wait and see what we are going to do with

Total Bull !!.

Visit the Flockers Website To View Their Quality Clothing & More


SWBeans Ltd & FHO Racing

SWBeans are pleased to announce that we are the main sponsor and supplier to the hospitality unit for the British Superbikes team and top Road Racing Team, FHO Racing one of the biggest teams within the BSB paddock and home of the fastest man around the Isle of Man TT, Peter Hickman . 

Whilst working very closely with the FHO team we have blended together their very own coffee blend to help them "on the pipe".

Click Here To Find Out More About The Team 

If you fancy having the FHO Racing Team unique coffee blend at home, you now can. The FHO Racing Team have agreed to SWBeans Ltd to offer our valued customers the chance to buy the blend via our web shop for a limited time.

Just think, you could be sat at home watching the BSB racing or even track side enjoying the same coffee as Peter and Josh drink !!.

Click Here To Buy your FHO Racing coffee 

Coffeesafe: The Key to Our Quality

SWBeans are proud to be part of the CoffeeSafe association, providing our customers with the peace of mind they require. 

Does Your Traditional Coffee Machine Need a Service Or Is It Due It's Annual PSSR Test ?.

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