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Accessories & Cleaners

Every Barista needs a good range of accessories, from stencils to brushes, even down to whisks !!

Below is a small selection of just some of the accessories we have available, and we can get much more. If you don't see what you want just contact the sales team and they will help you further.


(Click the link below to email the sales team)

The Sales Team 



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sten 2
Sten 1
sten 3

Stand out from the rest with pure art!

A small selection here, but we carry stencils for all occasions,  Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays and much more.

If we haven't got it in stock we can get it for you normally with 48 hours.

For more option click the link and just ask the sales team what you would like.

Needle Distribution Tool

Needle Distribution

Ensure more even distribution of grounds for better extraction when producing espresso by stirring the puck with the Rhinowares WDT needle distribution.

An effective way to distribute coffee in a portafilter, ensuring an even coffee bed for saturation and extraction in your espresso machine. This minimises waste and improves flavour by improving consistency from shot to shot and by improving extraction percentage of the soluble part of the coffee puck.



Although overlooked most of the time a Whisk is always handy to have, you never know when you will need it.

We stock many different types and lengths so let the sales team know what you are looking for 

Latte Art Pen

latte pen

For any barista or enthusiast looking to take their latte art to the next level. Features a double tip, one large and one thin, to provide maximum control when creating latte art


Milk Machine Cleaner

Puly Milk Cleaner

PULY is a great cleaner for ALL milk machines and frothers. Add the set amount for your machine to 2ltrs of water and let it do its magic!.

Availible in-

Single Bottles

6 Bottles

12 Bottles

Espresso Cleaner Tablets


Puly Caff tablets have all the cleaning power of Puly Caff Powder compressed into an easy to use tablet for bean to cup espresso machines and automatic cappuccino makers. Simply use one tablet per cleaning cycle.

Machine Descaler


A fast-acting descaler for commercial machines. Ideal for engineers descaling the boilers of commercial espresso machines. Product does not affect rubber seals and leaves no traces or odours.

Available in different sizes, please contact us for detail.

Also available, Descaling tablets.

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